Clinic Services

We offer a wide variety of clinical services designed to provide the best preventive care possible for our clients. From children’s vaccinations to women’s cancer screenings, the nurses in our clinic ensure you get the standard of care that you deserve.

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Community Services

The Lawrence County Health Department is committed to a wide range of community
outreach programs for health education and services.

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Emergency Preparedness

Whether it’s preparing for a storm or dealing with infectious outbreaks, the emergency preparedness professionals can provide you with the tools needed to keep safe. We also house a five county regional medical reserve corps unit with a large volunteer base to assist the community in times of need.

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environmetal-icon-1Environmental Services

The Lawrence County Health Department is dedicated to protecting the health and welfare of our community and its citizens. Our registered sanitarians are educated and trained in a multitude of programs related to the enforcement of public health regulations for environmental health and community safety.

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